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Why You Should Buy Greenguard Certified Flooring

Why Greenguard Certified Flooring Makes Sense

Flooring can be a tricky business, especially since it tends to last for a long time. As such, it is often one of the most important choices that a person can make in improving or renovating a space, residential or business. A new floor can literally transform the experience of being in a room, from ordinary to extraordinary or from dingy to moderately comfortable. If a room is dingy, it is best to look first to the floor as a less likely source of the feeling or atmosphere.

Once you make the decision to replace the floor, it is important to prioritize which step to take first in the selection process. While it is tempting to turn the entire project over to the flooring installation specialists at the Home Depot or the flooring store, it is essential to set some standards, not only in terms of price but also in terms of quality and environmental impact. More and more companies are working hard to establish new sources of products that are set in accordance to quality standards around the subject, such as greenguard certified flooring.

Cork: A Hot New Flooring Alternative

Surprisingly, cork is a new alternative for flooring that can fit easily into life improvements and also meets standards for emissions, a trend that is essential for health and well being. Cork is easy on the feet, the eyes, and has a great environmental impact, if you select the product from a supplier that ensures quality ratings like Greenguard Certification, a stamp of approval that refers to the low level of chemicals emitted during use.

While cork has never been used in the modern flooring trends, it surprises the feet with certain and lasting warmth, is versatile, interesting textually, and adds a touch of comfort to any room. Since cork holds heat well, greenguard certified flooring offers a sensational start to the cold morning versus a harder wood, which can hold the cold and slip the feet more easily. Practically, cork flooring is easy to install, offering even lay-over style flooring that is made from tiles that snap together rather easily and can be laid down without glue.

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