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Why Handscraped / Distressed Wood Flooring is Great for Kids

Looking for a Kid-Friendly Floor? Three Reasons Distressed Wood Flooring is a Great Choice

Do you have a house full of kids and maybe a few pets too? Do you love the look of wood floors and you’ve been thinking about installing them, but you’re worried they’ll get too scratched up with all of the traffic moving through your house? If you are looking for a great and gorgeous flooring that fits the lifestyle of a moving family, then installing distressed, also known as handscraped wood flooring may be a great option for you. Plus, installing this kind of floor can increase the resale value of your home. Read on to learn our top three reasons for trying distressed wood flooring in your kid-friendly home.

Reason #1: Hides Dirt

One of the great advantages of a distressed wood floor is that it hides dirt until you can clean it up. Distressed planks are either hand-distressed or distressed by a machine to create unique grooves and texture in each individual plank. From a distance, that means the dirt that comes into your home doesn’t look like it’s sitting on the surface of the floor. It’s masked by the texture of the floor — so you can get to the cleanup when you can.

Reason #2: Conceals Scratches

Another great benefit of handscraped wood planks is that they hide scratches. This helps you let go and just live life in your home. You won’t be worrying about trying buff out the scratches causes by the claws of your dog or the dent caused by dropping that ceramic bowl. Instead, the scratches you make will blend in naturally with your floor.

Reason #3: Easy to Clean

The texture of a distressed floor is going to present a little more cleaning challenge than a traditional and smooth hardwood floor. However, the grooves are not so deep that you can’t pull out dirt. If you choose real wood for our distressed floor — as you can install distressed laminate, vinyl and engineered wood — then you can run a light mop over the hardwoods to loosen and collect dirt. You do not want to saturate a laminate floor with a mop cleaning, however. You can ruin the floors because they are not real wood.

Bonus Reason: If you choose a stain for your distressed floor that is a rich, dark hue, then you’ll be able to conceal even more scratches and dirt. The imperfections seem to melt away with the right hue of floor, so keep this in mind as you are selecting the wood and the stain for your floors.

In conclusion, if you’ve got a family and you want an easy floor to maintain, then distressed wood flooring from World Floors Direct could be a great option for you in the long run. Good luck in deciding on your new floor. All it takes is one install and you can enjoy your new¬†wood floors for years to come!

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