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Flooring Maintenance Guide

Maintenance Guide

Congratulations on your purchase of our Cork or Wood Flooring for your project. Our Cork or Wood Flooring is not only durable but easily maintainable by following these simple tips.

Every possible precaution has been taken in the manufacturing process to ensure many years of use and pleasure from your new flooring. Your flooring has been factory finished to the highest of standards so that you will spend little time on maintenance and care.

Cleaning Method

As durable as our cork and wood flooring is, you must remember that it is still a natural product and needs to be treated the same.

Sweep regularly to avoid buildup of abrasive particles and lightly damp mop with suggested wood/laminate/cork cleaner.  Please keep in mind both wood and cork are prone to water damage and over damp cleaning of your floor may cause floor problems and compromise your warranty.

Preliminary Protection and Minimal Maintenance Adds Years of Life to Your New Cork or Wood Floor

* Furniture legs should have protective pads to avoid scratching.
* A doormat should be laid inside the front door to help against dirt and sand.
* Heavy furniture should have wide-bearing felt pads or non-staining glides or casters.
* Do not use steel wool or abrasives on the floor.
* Do not use ammonia-based cleaners or chemicals to clean the floor.
* Vacuum and clean regularly to ensure long life for your new floor.
* Wet maintenance is entirely forbidden. Despite cork’s relative moisture resistance, remove any excess water immediately. Same applies to wood flooring

Extremely Important Steps

Good doormats are essential
Preventing damage to your floor helps keep it in great shape. A good doormat stops sand, dirt and moisture at your front door, and keeps them away from your hardwood floor. Another piece of good advice is to attach felt pads to the ends of furniture legs. You can buy self-adhesive pads from hardware stores.

Avoid excessive use of water
Only use damp, not wet, cloth and floor mop when cleaning your floor.

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