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Enviro Pledge

Our Green Policy: World Floors Direct’s Environmental Policy





GREENGUARD Product CertifiedConservation of the environment is naturally of great importance to us. We make sure that all the wood used in our floors comes from carefully managed sustainable forests. All cork flooring manufactured is also from carefully managed sustainable forests where only the outer barks of the Evergreen Cork Oak are used to produce the cork flooring. The outer bark then grows back every nine years which is then harvested again without any damage to the Cork Oak. NO TREE IS HARMED DURING THE PRODUCTION OF CORK FLOORING!

Main objectives of World Floors Direct Commitment to the Environment:

1. Offer customers cork/bamboo flooring products that are not damaging to the environment that we hold so dear to our hearts through the best example of sustainable agro-foresting.

Our Commitment to Offering High Quality Flooring Products Directly to the Consumer at Wholesale Prices

All products sold on this site are sold under the brand name of World Floors Direct.Com. Therefore as wholesale importers of cork and bamboo flooring , it is like you are purchasing direct from the manufacturer (no added margins needed to be passed onto you) unlike purchasing through normal distribution, retailers or chain stores.

After many years of visiting flooring manufacturer’s throughout the world, we at World Floors Direct.Com handselected the manufacturer’s we felt had the highest integrity in both the quality of their flooring products and their dedication to producing environmentally friendly products.

Be very confident that all products sold on this site are manufactured with the utmost respect for the environment and all product warranties are ensured from the manufacturer by contract.
Thanks for choosing WorldFloorsDirect.Com to work with you through your flooring project!



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