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Flooring Warranty

World Floors Direct Warranty Policy

World Floors Direct warrants all prefinished cork and wood flooring planks, to be in the original-free from defect- manufacturing state for the structural lifetime of the floor to the original purchaser. All floor coverings are manufactured to meet the highest manufacturing standards regarding overall panel quality, structural as well as finish qualities. The flooring is guaranteed against buckling, warping, separation or other structural failure.

Should the structure of any of the above flooring be defective or compromised, World Floors Direct will replace the defective planks at no charge as well as incur all reasonable labor costs. World Floors Direct, LLC also warrants both wood and cork floors over radiant heat as proper precautions are followed (Please see installation guide) not to exceed 85oF.

Customer must recognize that wood/cork is a natural product containing natural variations in color, grain and tone. World Floors Direct cannot guarantee minor differences between sample and color of floor after installation. Both wood and cork are natural products tend to lighten or darken when exposed to UV light (sunlight); therefore World Floors Direct cannot be responsible for this natural tendency, color change or fading.

World Floors Direct also offers a 25 year residential finish wear warranty for normal wear and tear for the before mentioned time period. 25 Year Finish Warranty applies to original factory finish, any additional coating, finish, sealant voids residential finish warranty. This warranty excludes the following:

  1. Moisture problems such as flood, pet stains, damp mopping, cleaning with improper cleaning agents (Please use WFD’s cleaning agent or other acceptable wood/cork cleaner), leaky appliances or ceilings, or stagnant water.
  2. Indentation, scratching or surface damage due to improper maintenance such as pets, high-heeled shoes, heavy furniture or equipment, sharp or pointed objects, roller chairs, furniture, gravel, or damage caused by excessive sunlight.
  3. Any buckling or cupping due to expansion involving installation error in not leaving adequate expansion around walls, door jambs, etc. (Please follow WFD’s Installation Guide).
  4. Product installed with obvious defect or more than acceptable color variation.
  5. Movement in joints to cause small gaps due to movement of floor (wood/cork are natural products and should allow for minimal expansion/contraction through changes in seasons).
  6. Installer should inspect each plank during installation to check for color, finish, or any other quality defects. If defective planks are noticed, World Floors Direct will replace the defective material.
  7. Normal Variations in grain or color is a normal occurrence.

Should the finish wear through any part of the floor or delaminate or cup, World Floors Direct will furnish material of the same type at no charge and will incur all reasonable labor costs to repair or replace.

Please allow 24-48 hours for flooring to acclimate in temperature of the area installed (flooring to remain in closed carton to acclimate).

Please test moisture content prior to installation to be within 6% to 10% not to exceed 12% on a wood subfloor and 4% on a concrete slab

World Floors Direct’s warranties apply only to the original consumer purchaser and to flooring in its original installation and are not transferable.

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